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5 Food To Avoid During Your Confinement Period

For new mothers, the post-partum recovery period is incredibly vital to ensure the best recovery journey possible. This helps you avoid suffering from poor health and experiencing symptoms like backaches and headaches, common problems women face after childbirth. Besides recovering properly, don’t forget that you will be feeding your baby with breast milk, meaning what you eat will go to your little one as well. While there are some foods that offer multiple benefits, there are also certain types of food that will do no good for your breast milk supply and recovery. To get the best for you and your little bundle of joy, take a look at these five foods you should try steering clear from during your confinement period:

Mercury-rich fish - If you like seafood, you may need to cut down on it during this period of recovery. While fish are great sources for protein and omega 3 fatty acids, take note that they may contain methylmercury, which can potentially cause harm to your baby’s nervous system. As such, make sure you purchase seafood with lower mercury content such as salmon, sardines, shrimp and tuna (canned light). For other sources of high protein and iron content, you can consume more pig trotters, livers and kidneys instead, which will also help to promote blood circulation.

  1. Alcohol - It is always a safer option to abstain from alcohol while you are breastfeeding your child. Not only will alcohol disturb your baby’s sleep patterns, but it can also decrease the amount of breast milk produced. If you want to, drink a small amount and time it such that it is not near feeding time.

  2. Food with Caffeine Content - With that being said, tea products are something you have to watch due to its caffeine content. Being a stimulant, you may notice that your baby gets irritable and fussy from the caffeine transmitted through your breast milk. This is also how you can tell if your baby happens to be sensitive to your caffeine intake. It can be hard to avoid getting your dose of caffeine, especially if breastfeeding is not going well and you have stayed up for hours. As such, you should consume caffeinated beverages in moderation. This includes coffee, tea, chocolate, sports drinks and soft drinks. As coffee can dehydrate your system, hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water instead. You can also take ginger tea to keep the body warm, eliminate “wind” inside your body and calm your stomach.

  3. Citrus Fruits - Like caffeine, your baby may react to the acid in citrus fruits such as oranges, tangerines and grapefruits. As your baby’s intestinal tract is still developing, she may get gassy from these fruits. Especially as some fruits contain a higher sugar content, it is important to limit your daily fruit intake through your confinement meals.

  4. Junk Food - While it is okay to enjoy a little junk food here and there, don’t make it a habit during your postpartum period. If you are intending to lose all the extra weight gained during your pregnancy, junk food will not be doing any good. Not only will you be gaining more weight, but the excessive salt may contribute to high blood pressure. As such, decreasing your salt intake will help with your body’s metabolism and on this note, you can also incorporate red fermented wine into your diet as it is beneficial for metabolism and lowering cholesterol levels.

  5. The problem with restrictive diets is, you may end up sticking to the same old meals for the sake of convenience. However, it is important to eat a variety of food to keep you and your baby well-nourished. Making these dietary changes may be difficult, but it does not have to be. The delivery of Singapore confinement meals to homes is ideal for mothers who do not have a confinement nanny in their home. Postpartum moms should also consider signing up for a confinement food delivery company if they or another family member cannot prepare confinement meals on a regular basis.

  6. By choosing Kim Paradise as your confinement food provider, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will prepare your meals to aid in your recovery. You can rest assured knowing that you will have nutritious food delivered still warm to your doorstep. With over a decade of experience in Tingkat delivery, Kim Paradise promises to deliver scrumptious and nutritious dishes that will restore your overall health and provide optimal nourishment.

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